Eastern Idaho Eclipse


Don’t miss out on this exciting event happening for the first time since 1979! This year, Idaho is in the direct path of the Total Solar Eclipse.  A Total Solar Eclipse is when the moon moves directly in front of the sun, covering it completely for a very short time. This once in a life time event will be happening Monday, August 21st 2017, and is expected to draw crowds from around the globe.  Missing this eclipse means that you’ll have to wait until 2024 to see the next eclipse that will be visible from the US.  Though there are other places in our backyard like the Yellowstone and the city of Rexburg, you will be able to see the eclipse right here in Idaho Falls. There will be viewing events in the area for all to attend, please look back for more information coming soon.

For more information about the Eclipse and Eastern Idaho, check out EI Eclipse!


In order to see this event safely, you MUST use special solar viewing glasses when the sun is not TOTALLY eclipsed. You can look directly at the sun without glasses ONLY during the brief time when the sun is in total eclipse. We are doing a pre-order on these solar viewing glasses until April 28th, for only $1.06 per pair. After that date the price will increase. If you would like fewer pairs than the amount sold online, the Chamber is selling individuals and doing custom orders. Give us a call or come in!