Legislative Priorities

The Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce seeks to advance the commercial, financial, industrial, civic, and social interests of our community. These economic building blocks will benefit all Idahoans, and for these reasons, our Chamber recommends the following legislative action:

2019 Legislative Priorities

Taxation: We support minimizing tax burdens on businesses in Idaho through reduction and eventual elimination of business personal property taxes, and sales tax exemptions on equipment to ensure a competitive environment for business. We support local option taxes if approved by voters.

Education: We support funding for education to retain and support quality staffing to meet future workforce development needs, reduction of the financial burden of unfunded mandates by elimination of or financial support for said mandates and of their elimination, expansion of CTE programs in secondary and higher education.

Health Care: We encourage the State Legislature to take the lead in finding a solution for Idaho healthcare that is affordable and fair, reduces governmental regulations and healthcare costs, and reduces provider shortages. INL Missions. We support the development, construction, and commercialization of the Small Modular Reactor and the safe operation and increased capacity of the cleanup facilities. We encourage local, state, and federal government representatives to engage in the approval and funding of a railroad crossing at the University Place and Center for Advanced Energy Studies.

Electrical Generation and Transmission: Support reducing barriers to sustentative electrical generation and transmission capacities across the state to promote industrial and commercial growth in the region.

Economic Development: We support the Regional Economic Development for Eastern Idaho (REDI) and the Idaho Workforce Development Council in attracting and supporting businesses and workers to our region. We support tax incentives to new businesses and expanding research and cleanup mission of the INL.

Infrastructure: We support funding solutions to maintenance and expand transportation infrastructure to encourage economic growth and expansion. We support urban renewal and tax increment financing as a way to create local economic growth and to adopt other research-based forms of development financing. We support enforcement of Idaho mandatory liability insurance laws to reduce the number of uninsured drivers in state.

Liquor Licenses: We support legislation that will improve access to liquor licenses for restaurants and provide greater local control of these licenses.