Matt Larsen

Dr. Matt Larsen has worked to distinguish himself from the very beginning of his career. In medical school he won awards for excellence in research and was elected Class President and then Student Body Vice President.

He completed his Residency training in Psychiatry in Reno and sub-specialized by completing a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  He was elected Chief Fellow by his peers, and presented 2 different Grand Rounds lectures to the medical staff

He was hired at EIRMC in 2015 where he has been the Psychiatry Department Chairman for 4 years.  He currently serves on the Ethics Committee and the Medical Executive Committee of the hospital. He worked with the local chapter of the suicide prevention action network, serving as chairman for 3 years and raising over $30,000 for suicide prevention and personally providing trainings in the area.

Since moving to Idaho Falls, he has been invited back to his medical school in Des Moines to lecture, and also back to Reno each year to lecture to the medical students.  While working at EIRMC he completed another fellowship at Duke University to bring the latest psychiatric treatments to Idaho Falls.

He is passionate about his work, and about serving in his community.  He has spoken frequently to youth groups, parents, school teachers, pharmacists, pediatricians, social workers, funeral home directors and more.  He has met with City Council members to advise them on the best plans to reduce suicide rates in our local teenagers.

To stay current he attends the international conference of Child Psychiatrists each year.  Then he comes back to Idaho Falls and presents a summary to the local pediatricians, family practice doctors and nurse practitioners to make sure the entire city is up-to-date.

Matt works to stay involved in local issues.  He attends city council meetings and speaks up on topics affecting the community.  He enjoys musical theater, recently playing Bert in Mary Poppins, and soon he’ll be playing Miss Trunchbull in IFYAC’s production of Matilda.

Matt loves to write.  He abridged the book Les Miserables twice, once for children and again for high school students.  He wrote a biography of a founding father and he is currently working on a mental health/parenting book. He uses social media as a sounding board for ideas about mental illness, parenting, suicide prevention, religion, politics, and more.  A few years ago he started posting one thing each day that is “Awesome” as a way to notice the little things in life.

Matt has many ambitions in life, such as working to be the best husband and father he can be.  Overall, he mostly hopes to make life a little better for everyone around him.  He wants to help people through their darkest times so they enjoy life once again.